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Three hundred and fifteen (315) projects conducted in 15 countries by Life Academy and Department of Computer and Systems Sciences (DSV) Stockholm University within the Sida funded International Training Program (ITP). Project period: 2012-2018. Twelve Regional Phase meetings in cooperations countries.

Head coach Henrik Hansson, Project manager Bo Gillgren


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Implementation of the ICT Master Plan Bolivia Universidad Mayor de San Andr_s
Short Course Program in Distance Training Bolivia Universidad Mayor de San Andr_s
Implementation of ICT in Rural Schools Tanzania Morogoro Teachers College
Developing Peer Instructional Digital Videos in Phsysics Uganda Gayaza High School
Integration of Parents, Teachers and Students in Learning Process ICT Friendly Tools Uganda Gayaza High School
Leveraging ICT Tools for Effective Teaching and Learning Processes Uganda International Women's Centre for Empowerment/ICT
ICT Capacity Building and Pedagogical Development at the University of Zimbabwe, College of Health Sciences Zimbabwe University of Zimbabwe, College of Health Scienc
Transformation of the Upper Secondary School into ICT Center of Competences Kosovo Technical School ""Arkitekt Sinani"" 2
ICT for Pedagogy in Business Technical Vocational and Education Training Institutions, (Case of Jinja Vocational Training Institute) Uganda Technology Integrators LTD
Incorporating the Smart Mobile phone in the teaching and learning process in Mengo Senior School Uganda Mengo Senior School
Capacitating Lecturers through developing ICT Competences Zimbabwe University of Zimbabwe
Strengthening Vocational Education throug Demand Based e/m-learning and Apprenticeship: A Blended Learning Approach for Developing Countries Bangladesh Access to Information (a2i) Programme
Developing an Interactive Learning Environment in Classroom Using SMART board (Interactive White Board) and Related Accessories Bangladesh Ministry of Education, Govt. Teachers' Training
Project on Introducing and Integrating ICT Knowledge and Skills with Pedagogical Knowledge in Classroom Teaching among Secondary Mathematics Teacher of Banglasdesh Bangladesh Ministry of Education, Govt. Teachers' Training
Using ICT for Promoting New Approachers of Pedagogy in Teaching Learning Process at Secondary Level Education in Bangladesh Bangladesh National Academy for Educational Management (NAE
Use Open Educational Resources (OER Cambodia) to Promote E-learning in Cambodia Cambodia Department of Information and Asean Affairs
How ICT Uses in High School Cambodia Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport
Integration of Multimedia Sign Language Learning Materials to enhance Teaching for Students with hearing impaired at The Open University of Tanzania Tanzania Open University of Tanzania
Postgraudate Research Management System for CoICT Tanzania University of Dar es Salaam
Developing a Professional Development Program for Integrating ICT in the Teaching and Learning process Uganda Mengo Senior School
ICTs for Decision Enhancement among Farmers: A Case for Poultry Farmers in Uganda Uganda UTAMU, Uganda Teachnology and Management Univers
Science and Technology Education Virtualization and Online Devlivery Project Zimbabwe National University of Science & Technology
Mitigating Poverty by Reducing Information Gaps amongst Rural Women in Kadoma and Hopley Communities in Zimbawe Zimbabwe Savanna Trust
Flipped Classroom in Science for Promoting Student-Centered Learning Bangladesh Access to Information (a2i) Programme
Integrating ICT in science teaching in secondary level: A model classroom Bangladesh Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education
School and Community partnership to integrate ICT into Pedagogy in rural area of Bangladesh Bangladesh Govt. Teachers' Training College, Chittagong
Inclusion the ICT and Pedagogy in real life classroom in primary and Secondary level Bangladesh Govt. Teachers' Training College, Pabna
Integrating ICT in Life Skill Education for Empowering the Adolescents Learners in Bangladesh Bangladesh Govt. Teachers' Training College, Pabna
Capacity Building and Skill Training: Computer Software Programmes for Research Cambodia Office of Higher Educaton Policy
Prishtina Training and Recource Hub project Kosovo Innovation Centre Kosovo
Inclusion of ICT Literacy for the three (3) RTTIs, in National Framework on Teacher Education Liberia Ministry of Education
Using E-Learning tools in teaching learning and assessment at University of Rwanda, College of Education, Rukara Campus Rwanda University of Rwanda, College of Education
Supporting Virtual Learning to Improve the Quality of Teacher Education at the College of Education: A Proposed Change Project Tanzania The University of Dodoma
Improving Quality of Learning Resources for Distance Courses UDSM Tanzania University of Dar es Salaam
Digital Divide and Its Effect on the quality of Education in Uganda Uganda Ministry of Education
ICT for Pedagogy in business technical vocational and education training institutions, ( Case of Jinja Vocational Training Institute Uganda Ministry of Education
Staff and Students' capacity building in ICT at St. Francis SS for the Blind Uganda Ministry of Education
eLearning Policy for Africa University Zimbabwe Africa University
Toward a perfect eLearning Policy for Africa Universtity Zimbabwe Africa University
Blended Teaching-Learning in Higher Education: A case in Bangladesh Bangladesh Institute of Education and Research, University
Improving Teaching-Learning Practices of Science Education by Using ICT for B. Ed Program of School of Education, Bangladesh Open University Bangladesh School of Education, Bangladesh Open University
Broader Training for Better Policies: The Expanded Role of ICT in Social Analysis Discussion and Institutional Dialouge Bolivia Fundacion ""ARU""
Integration of ICT in Piloting Teacher Training Called Cambodian Innovative Teachers Education Program Cambodia Faculty of Education, Royal University of Phnom
Planning for Management Information Systems in Public Higher Education Institutions in Cambodia Cambodia The Department of Higher Education, Ministry of
The Using ICT for Adress Urban Women's Issue Cambodia Young Women's Leadership Network
YaNetu Teaching Tablet App Project Ethiopia iCog Labs
HeHeLabs Research and Innovation Lab Rwanda HeHeLabs
ICT for All in All Rwanda IPRC West
Importance of Training Quality Assurers and Use of ICT in Proving Their Inspection Report in Eastern Zone Tanzania Ministry of Education, Science and Technology
Learn Math Using Math Tricks and Games Integrating ICT and Pedagogy Bangladesh Govt. Teachers' Training College, Dhaka
Monitoring ICT Programs at Secondary Level Educational Institutions of Bangladesh Bangladesh SEQAEP (Secondary Education Quality and Access E
Human Resource Development in Using ICT for Education Kosovo International American Academy of Kosovo
Mobil ICT Lab to familiarize and sensitizie students and teachers of Secondary Level Institutions in remote areas Bangladesh Ministry of Education
e-Learning Portal Project Ethiopia Arsi University
ICT and Pedagogical Development in Arsi University Ethiopia Arsi University
ICT smart class infrastructure for teaching and learning in Madda Walabu Universit (MWU)y Ethiopia Madda Walabu University
Updating and integrating ICT in teaching and learning in UDSM Tanzania University of Dar es Salaam
Integrating PBL and online teaching approaches in university pre-service science teacher's courses. Tanzania University of Dar-Es-Salaam
Integrating PBL and online teaching approaches in university pre-service science teacher's courses. Tanzania University of Dar-Es-Salaam
Lectures on Line (LOL) Bangladesh College of Home Economics
Integrating ICT in Biological Science Classes; A Model Classroom Bangladesh Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education
Development of Basic Concept of Science Classroom at Secondary Level in Bangladesh Bangladesh Government Teachers' Training College
Integrating Social Media in Teaching Learning Activities for Quality Education Bangladesh Govt. Teachers' Training College
Imparting Training to Post-Primary Level Teachers Through E-governance from National Academy for Educational Management (NAEM) in Bangladesh Bangladesh National Academy for Educational Management, NAE
ICT to Enclose Knowledge Between Professors and Students in Faculty of Technology Bolivia Research Institute of Technological Applications
Implementation of E-learning for UMSA-Computer Science Career Bolivia UMSA-Carrera de Informatica
ICT, Pedagogy and Leadership Development Project Cambodia Alliance Pharma (Cambodge) SARL
Project Based Learning Through an Online Platform Cambodia Cambodian Children's Fund
ICT Skill Cambodia Cambodian Children's Fund
Promoting E-Reading to Support Teaching and Learning English in CCF Cambodia Cambodian Children's Fund
Adjusting Good Government Teaching Methodology by using ICT Cambodia Khmer Youth Congress
Upgrading ICT Through Learning and Teaching English Cambodia Phnom Penh Regional Teacher Training Center
Developing the Use of Information and Communication Technology to Enhance Teaching-Learning Process in Addis Ababa University Remote Campuses Ethiopia Addis Ababa University
Classroom of The Future Kosovo jCoders
Development and Implementation of Digital Contents to Facilitate Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV Tanzania The University of Dodoma, College of Informatics
Creating Information Literacy Tutorials for Students With Hearing Difficulties in The School of Education, University of Dar es Salaam Tanzania University of Dar es Salaam Library Services
Appropriate Technology in Early Childhood Education Uganda Kyambogo University
Enhancing Teacher Support Through Mobile Technology Uganda National Cirriculum Development Centre
3D Virtual Invironments as a Tool for Improving Foreign Language Proficiency Zimbabwe Africa University - Faculty of Humanities and So
Facilitsting an Improved System of ICT Usage in University Teaching and Learning Zimbabwe National University of Science and Technology
Create 'Content Bank' using open source for better teaching learning in the secondary schools in Bangladesh Bangladesh Government Teachers Training College
Atomi-Project Kosovo Encompass Atom
Improvement of the ICT Environment in order to Increase Skills, Staff, and Target Group and Improve Communication Kosovo SOS Childrens Village Kosovo
The Development of Higher Education Management Information Systems (HEMIS) in the Department of Higher Education Cambodia Department of Higher Education
E-Library for Twelve Years Basic Education in Rwanda Rwanda Umutara Polytechnic Faculty of ICT
ICT Education Enrichment Cambodia Kampong Thom Provincial Teachers' Training Colle
Teacher -Student Interactions Improvement through ICT Cambodia Dei Dos Highschool
The ICT-integrated HEQCIP Project Implementation at Directorate General of Higer Education. A Case of HEQCIP Component 1 Cambodia Ministry of Education Youth and Sport
Implementing ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning process at Addis Ababa University Ethiopia Addis Ababa University
ICT as a tool for teaching and learning activity in Addis Ababa University Ethiopia Addis Ababa University
Creating Awareness about the use of ICT and preparing elementary, high school and campu students to be competent students in higher education institute Ethiopia Mada Walabu University
How to Incorporate New Teachnology and ICT in Teaching and Learning Process Kosovo Kongresi i Manastirit High School
Project on ICT implementations in the educational reform Process of Liberia Liberia Ministry of Education
Multi-Media intergration of Smart Board with mobil applications Tanzania The Open University of Tanzania
Development of an ICT Research portal at the Open University of Tanzania Tanzania The Open University of Tanzania
Developing Practical Training and Project Management systems at CoICT Tanzania University of Dar-Es-Salaam
Inflame and Activate Information Communication and Technology and Education Policies towards Gender Equality Zimbabwe Transformative Gender Institute
Missing Ethiopia Haramaya University
Development of An East African Cloud School Based on Massive Online Open Course Technology (MOOC) Uganda Makerere University
ICT Capacity Building Centre for Science and Mathematics Teachers Zimbabwe Bindura S.A. Primary School