Project Country Organisation
Developing Peer Instructional Digital Videos in Phsysics Uganda Gayaza High School
Integration of Parents, Teachers and Students in Learning Process ICT Friendly Tools Uganda Gayaza High School
Leveraging ICT Tools for Effective Teaching and Learning Processes Uganda International Women’s Centre for Empowerment/ICT
ICT for Pedagogy in Business Technical Vocational and Education Training Institutions, (Case of Jinja Vocational Training Institute) Uganda Technology Integrators LTD
Incorporating the Smart Mobile phone in the teaching and learning process in Mengo Senior School Uganda Mengo Senior School
Developing a Professional Development Program for Integrating ICT in the Teaching and Learning process Uganda Mengo Senior School
ICTs for Decision Enhancement among Farmers: A Case for Poultry Farmers in Uganda Uganda UTAMU, Uganda Teachnology and Management Univers
Digital Divide and Its Effect on the quality of Education in Uganda Uganda Ministry of Education
ICT for Pedagogy in business technical vocational and education training institutions, ( Case of Jinja Vocational Training Institute Uganda Ministry of Education
Staff and Students’ capacity building in ICT at St. Francis SS for the Blind Uganda Ministry of Education
Appropriate Technology in Early Childhood Education Uganda Kyambogo University
Enhancing Teacher Support Through Mobile Technology Uganda National Cirriculum Development Centre
Development of An East African Cloud School Based on Massive Online Open Course Technology (MOOC) Uganda Makerere University
Empowering Private Secondary Teachers in Gulu District on the Use of ICTs in Teaching and Learning Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports
Digital Divide and its Effect on the Quality of education in Ugandan Uganda Ministry of Education, Science Technology and Sp
Enhancing iformation movement through digitalized record keeping and communication in the Ministry of Education, science, Technology and Sports though ICT Uganda Ministry of Education
Enhancing information dissemination and communication at Skilling Uganda Secretariat Uganda Reform Task Force for Skilling Uganda
Enhancing the Capacity of Academic Staff in ICT- enabled Interactive Learning Content Development Uganda Makerere University, Uganda
Application of ICT in Addressing the Problems Encountered by Learners with Learning Difficulties Uganda National Curriculum Development Centre
Influencing Private Schools to Have Mandatory Functional Computer Laboratories for Both Teachers and Learners Uganda Makindye Private School Association
Shifting from teacher-centered to learner-centered and problem-based method of instruction by leveragin E-learing management systems Uganda UMUNC, Uganda Martyrs University Nyamitanga 2
To Integrate Practical ICT Training to Schools located in semi urban areas of Kawempe Division Uganda SCCF
Integrating Mobile phones in the ecology of learning management System Uganda Uganda Christian University
Introducing ICT Baded games/entertainment for children with special needs Uganda Mirembe Nursery School
Introducin ICT Based games entertainment for children with special needs Uganda Mirembe Nursery School
Integration of ICTs in Educaton to improve the teaching-learning process Uganda Kololo High School
Enchancing the use of ICT in Education Institutions in Kampala Capital City Authority Uganda KCCA, Directorate fo Education and Social Servic
Case study of Kisubi Brothers University College a Constituent College of Uganda Martyrs University Uganda Kisubi Brothers University
Empowering Government Secondary Teachers in Kampala on the Use of ICTs in Teaching & Learning Uganda Ministry of Education & Sport
ICT Policy for Basic Education Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports
Computer Literacy Training to The Rural Community Arround Uganda Martyrs University Uganda Uganda Martyrs University
Customization of Free Mobile Internet Apps to Promote Online Pedagogy and Support for Rural Based Traditional Distance Learners at Uganda Martyrs University Uganda Uganda Martyrs University
Integrating th ICT in the Teaching and Learning in Ugandan Secondary Schools Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports
Teachers resource centre Uganda MOES, Namilyango Junior Boys School 2
Enchancing the Capacity of Academic Staff in ICT-enabled Interactive Learning content Development Uganda Makerere University
Enabling Greater Utilization of Open Educational Resources (OERs) and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)-enhanced Learner Support in Distance Education Programs of Makerer University Uganda Makerere University
Integration of ICT into Effective Educational Institution Management Uganda Namirembe Primary School
Creative Audios: a platform to revitalize indegenous Knowledge in Promoting Early Childhood Education and Development in Uganda Uganda Health Child
Using ICT Knowledge and Skills to Enhance Quality Learning in Bushenyi Core Primary Teachers’ College Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports
Increasing the Use of ICT Knowledge in Mirembe College School Uganda Mirembe College School
Enhancement of QualityTeaching/Learning, Using ICT in Star Secondary School Uganda Star Secondary School
Motivation of Lecturers in ICT Use in Uganda Martyrs Unversity Uganda Uganda Martyrs University
Improving Pedagogical leadership in Teacher Education Institutions through ICT initiative. Uganda Ministry of Education and Sports
Propelling the Adoption of an ICT Led Pedagogy at Makerere University Uganda Uganda Technology and Management University (UTA