Project Country Organisation
YaNetu Teaching Tablet App Project Ethiopia iCog Labs
e-Learning Portal Project Ethiopia Arsi University
ICT and Pedagogical Development in Arsi University Ethiopia Arsi University
ICT smart class infrastructure for teaching and learning in Madda Walabu Universit (MWU)y Ethiopia Madda Walabu University
Developing the Use of Information and Communication Technology to Enhance Teaching-Learning Process in Addis Ababa University Remote Campuses Ethiopia Addis Ababa University
Implementing ICT Integration in Teaching and Learning process at Addis Ababa University Ethiopia Addis Ababa University
ICT as a tool for teaching and learning activity in Addis Ababa University Ethiopia Addis Ababa University
Creating Awareness about the use of ICT and preparing elementary, high school and campu students to be competent students in higher education institute Ethiopia Mada Walabu University
Missing Ethiopia Haramaya University
Web-Based Centralized Digital Content Management System for Ethiopian School Libraries Ethiopia Addis Ababa University
Integration of ICT with Pedagogical System at Addis Ababa University (AAU) Ethiopia Addis Ababa University
Enhancing learning opportunity by diversifying the mode of delivery through the use of ICT to Haramaya University students Ethiopia Haramaya University
Introducing High school students to computer science Ethiopia Addis Ababa Universtity